Identify and Meet Immediate Needs of our City


We are passionately committed to identifying and meeting the needs of our city and surrounding areas through annual initiatives and regular serve opportunities to help you be the Good News of Jesus to every person in every place.

Our annual initiatives include Love San Antonio, Good News Box, Operation Christmas Child, Foster and Adopt support, and much more! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming SERVE NOW app for ways to serve any day of the week! 

Emergency Crisis & Disaster


We are passionately committed to responding to natural and man-made crises in our community, surrounding areas, and around the world. In 2022, after a hard freeze, multiple fires, and the aftermath of COVID-19, CBC launched the CBC Response Team, specifically dedicated to responding to emergency situations. The CBC Response Team is trained, ready to mobilize, and serves the most immediate physical and spiritual needs of the families we aid in collaboration with trusted organizations. 

CBC and CBC Global support these organizations regularly. When disaster strikes outside accessible areas, we rely on these same trusted organizations to respond efficiently and with expertise. Learn more about our disaster response partner organizations and our CBC Response Team below.

Reaching the Unreached and Unchurched


We are passionately committed to reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel and those experiencing Biblical poverty by working through churches, pastors, and organizations to impact, transform, and advance the Gospel, globally.

We link arms with over 35+ partners around the world to provide you unique opportunities to carry the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the Earth. But these opportunities aren't just trips, they're EXPERIENCES. Our team of qualified leaders train and disciple each team of individuals to ensure you are prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually for the journey ahead.  

Impact Transform and Advance the Gospel


We are passionately committed to working through churches, pastors, and organizations to impact, transform, and advance the Gospel both locally and globally. Our CBC Global partners are vetted through extensive evaluations based on CBC Core Values, their overall mission and vision alignment with CBC, and their dedication to advancing the Gospel in their specific context. We have established strategic and deep-rooted relationships with each partner to ensure transparency and ultimate impact. 

We link arms with 45+ partners within San Antonio, specializing in combating everyday issues such as food insecurity, homelessness, human trafficking, etc. As well as serving specific demographic communities such as our current and veteran military individuals, incarcerated brothers and sisters, foster families, and more. Globally, we serve with over 35+ partners focused on church planting, medical missions, construction projects, inner-city family ministry, evangelism, and other specific projects as requested.